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"Love is ever the beginning of knowledge as fire is of light." -Thomas Carlyle-
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„Welcome, dear guest, come in, let’s shake hands, and bring good luck!“
"Love letters are shaped in a thousand flowers: how beautiful is Earth, when she wears Heaven!" -Friedrich Rückert-
25./26. December
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Wellness packages

Bring the body, mind and soul in balance and feel really nice."
  • Herbal dream

    The time to dream starts with a warm, scented herbal foot bath. An exfoliation consisting of 35 herbs and oil will stimulate the blood flow and prepare your body for the massage with herbal stamps. A facial massage supports the relaxation, your facial skin will become smooth and satiny. After the herbal dream, a cup of herbal tea is awaiting you.

    Partial body massage 60 minutes / 69 EUR   Entire body massage 90 minutes / 98 EUR
  • Relaxation Package

    An extensive Relaxation Package including soothing treatments such as ear candling, a Yin massage, zone therapy and a Breuss-style massage.

    120 minutes / 130 EUR

Packages for couples

Enjoy in an intimate atmosphere, our special offer for couples!

  • Time for togetherness

    Exclusive 90 minutes in our wellness lounge “Balance”. Bathing in the Cleopatra Bath including some sweets and a glass of sparkling wine (duration: ca. 30 minutes). Afterwards you can both enjoy a relaxing massage with an aromatic oil of your choice.

    90 minutes / 162 EUR
  • Tropic romance

    Enjoy 30 romantic minutes in a bath with rose essences. Afterwards you will both receive a massage with tropical scents which will prepare you for the following tropical coconut poultice.

    120 minutes/ 190 EUR

We are happy to arrange an individual wellness package just for you.

Hammam Ceremony

“Hammam” means relaxation, pureness and wellbeing. Oriental sensuality and aromatic scents.


  • 1. Soğukluk (Herbal steam)

    Your journey through the Arabian Nights starts in the steam room “Soğukluk”. The herbal steam opens the skin’s pores.
    Duration: 10 minutes
  • 2. Kese (exfoliation of the body)

    Rub your body with exfoliation salt for several minutes, a quick stop in the dry sauna (ca. 10 minutes), afterwards a shower.
    Duration: 20 minutes
  • 3.  Göbek Tasi (warm flagstone)

    Relaxing on the heated flagstone “Göbek Tasi” after each cleansing.
    Duration: 15 to 20 minutes
  • 4. Footbath and exfoliation massage

    with natural flavours (15 minutes)
  • 5. Rhassoul (nurturing mud wrap)

    An insider’s tipp for natural beauty. The high-quality mud provides your skin with valuable minerals and trace elements during your stay in the Rhassoul steam room. You will apply the mud yourself.
    Duration: ca. 20 minutes

    ca. 90 minutes / 95 EUR    couples: 170 EUR
  • 6. Oil massage (additonal offer)

    Finally you can enjoy a special kind of skin care:
    A soothing massage with warm stones and exquisite oils.

    Partial body massage 30 minutes / 35 EUR  Entire body massage 45 minutes / 39 EUR

Dream Baths

Immerse yourself in a world of senses in the unique atmosphere of our dream bath. Essential oils make a bath in the precious romantic bathtub a real delectation. Different sents provide individual effects. Please take 30 minutes of your time for this experience!

  • Romantic Bath

    Enjoy a romantic luxury bath with rose essences. Afterwards your skin will feel soft, and the mild scent will accompany you for the rest of the day. In addition to that we will serve you a glass of sparkling wine.

    1 person / 29 EUR
    2 people / 49 EUR
  • Cleopatra Bath

    According to Cleopetra’s thousands of years old recipe milk, honey with lavender oil, and rose oil are mixed and added to the bathwater. The milk stabilises the protective layer of the skin, has a moisturizing effect and increases the skin’s elasticity. A unique experience of pampering and care.

    1 person / 29 EUR
    2 people / 49 EUR
  • Citrus Bath

    The Citrus Bath will revive your spirits. Essential citrus oil stimulates the organism and makes your body feel well. The refreshing bath tightens your connective tissue and stimulates the skin. A reviving resource for body and soul.

    1 person / 29 EUR
    2 people / 49 EUR


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