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Meatless Into The New Year

Meatless Into The New Year
Buffalo mozzarellawith tomatoes and mangoes with green pepper, Balsamic vinegar and olive oil15,50 EUR
Tomato-Avocado saladwith marinated mango9,90 EUR
Tomato consomméwith root vegetables and parmesam cheese7,50 EUR
Spaghetti Pesto Rossowith fried herb mushrooms, rocket and parmesan17,50 EUR
Wild garlic and mushroom risottowith marinated cherry tomatoes17,50 EUR
Fried halloumi with curry braised cucumbers, mini vine tomatoes and garlic bread18,90 EUR
Baked vegetablesin tempura batter, fiery mango cream and sweet potato fries18,90 EUR
Tofu baked in sesamewith wok vegetables and red curry sauce, Pak Choy, sprouts, red onions, peppers, water chestnut, bamboo, mu-err mushrooms19,50 EUR
Three kinds of sorbetRaspberry Sorbet, mango sorbet and oak milk sorbet7,50 EUR
Caramelized cream appleswith vanilla ice cream6,90 EUR