Hotel Spree Balance

Goose and Game

Goose and Game
Wild herb salad with marinated duck breastand raspberry dressing on mango papaya salad16,90 EUR
Goose soupwith root vegetables and egg custard6,50 EUR
Red Cabbage Lentil Bagwith feta cheese, port wine shallots and plums18,90 EUR
Venison goulash with mushroomson red cabbage and Brussels sprouts with spaetzle26,90 EUR
Half stewed duckwith apple red cabbage and potatoes28,50 EUR
Braised goose legwith kale, red cabbage and dumplings29,90 EUR
Fried foie graswith cherries on mashed potatoes and onions20,50 EUR
Baked apple with marzipan fillingwith cinnamon foam and vanilla ice cream7,50 EUR