Hotel Spree Balance


Fresh & Crisply
Big salad plate9,50 EUR
Big salad platewith slices of turkey breast and herbal vinagrette14,50 EUR
Small salad 6,50 EUR
Carpaccio of beefwith olives, Parmesan slives and marinated rucola15,50 EUR
“Spreewald” Fish soupwith fried fish fillet slices
horse radish, vegetable stripes
9,50 EUR
Gazpachoand parmesan waffle
garlic, chili
7,90 EUR
Cold “Spreewald” cucumber soupwith crayfish meat7,90 EUR
Fried Prawnswith leaf spinach and cherry tomatoes
tagliatelle in pesto-cream sauce
28,90 EUR
Fried fillet redfishfennel mangel vegetables
cream futtuchine
24,90 EUR
Stripes of turkey breastcurry cream with pepper and king oyster mushrooms
23,50 EUR
Vegan Dishes
Baked aubergine with puree of yellow lentilsgarlic chili lemon17,90 EUR
Burger of Swiss hash browns and courgetteswith Hummus and bruschetta tomatoes,
served with small salad
17,90 EUR
Green asparagus with crispy crust
guacamole, filo dough Parmesan
17,90 EUR
Saddle of veal steakcolorful carrots and beans, fried potatoes28,90 EUR
Fillet of Argentinian beef36,90 EUR
Point steak of pasture lamb 29,50 EUR
Medaillon of Iberico porc fillet29,90 EUR
Turkey breast steak24,50 EUR
With all steaks we serveking oyster mushroom, beans with bacon, and pepper butter
Garnishes to choose Rosemary potatoes
Steakhouse chips
Fried potatoes
Trout meunièresalad and parsley potatoes24,90 EUR
Fried wels catfish filletin horse radish sauce
colorful carrots and ramson gnocchis
24,90 EUR
Strawberry yoghurt tartletwith mango sorbet
chocolate crumble strawberry sauce
7,50 EUR
Filled rice ballslychee coconut milk foam7,50 EUR
Café Gourmand Espresso and trifles from pâtisserie9,50 EUR
Little seduction One scoop of ice free chosen with whipping cream and sauce3,00 EUR
Children’s sundaeChocolate and vanilla ice with Smarties and whipping cream4,50 EUR
Iced coffee / Iced chocolate5,90 EUR
Chocolate kiss Chocolate and stracciatella ice, chocolate sauce and whipping cream7,50 EUR
Sweden sundae Vanilla ice with apple puree, egg liqueur and whipping cream8,50 EUR
Three kinds of sorbet Raspberry sorbet, Mango-chili sorbet, Oat milk-vanilla sorbet8,50 EUR
Strawberry dream Strawberry and vanilla ice, fresh strawberries and whipping cream 9,50 EUR
Our ice cream varietiesvanilla, chocolate, stracciatella, strawberry, sorbet by offer
1 scoop 2,00 EUR
Portion of whipping cream1,00 EUR
“Spreewald” Culinary Delights
Solyanka with lemon and cream 6,90 EUR
“Spreewald” cucumbers plate gherkins, mustard pickles and pickled dill cucumbers with one crackling fat sandwich7,50 EUR
Lusatian herbal curd Bio linseed oil from Burg, choice of “Spreewald” cucumbers and potatoes in the skin12,90 EUR
“Spreewald” brown-bag lunch Local blood, chasseur, and liver sausages, choice of cheeses, horse radish, “Bautz’ner” mustard, choice of cucumbers, crackling fat from Vetschau16,50 EUR
Filet of herringwith “Spreewald” cucumbers, fried potatoes, home made sauce, and small salad17,90 EUR
“Spreewald” burgerwith pulled meat of ham hock with “Spreewald” cucumbers, fried potatoes and small salad 17,90 EUR
Calf’s liver „Berlin” stylemashed potatoes20,90 EUR
“Spreewald” horse radish escalop with “Spreewald” cucumbers, fried potatoes and small salad20,50 EUR
Beef roulade red cabbage with apples, and parsley potatoes22,90 EUR
Fried pike-perch fillet on stewed cucumbers, with parsley potatoes24,90 EUR