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"Love is ever the beginning of knowledge as fire is of light." -Thomas Carlyle-
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„Welcome, dear guest, come in, let’s shake hands, and bring good luck!“
"Love letters are shaped in a thousand flowers: how beautiful is Earth, when she wears Heaven!" -Friedrich Rückert-
25./26. December
"Christmas lunch"


"Inhalation - deep breath - breathe - vital & healthy with professional guidance."
  • Progressive relaxation of the muscles according to Jacobson

    Different relaxation techniques will not only work off stress, they will also sensitise your brain, so new stress can be recognised faster and this way be avoided. A relaxation technique to avoid and prevent stress. Different muscle groups are tensed up and eased off again after a short amount of time.

    45 minutes / 10 EUR per person (limited attendance)
  • Dream journey

    Phantasy journeys are guided relaxation exercises. They are written in a way which uses your imagination and connects it with the guided story. Your own experiences, imagery, symbolism, feelings and thoughts are stirred, remembered and linked to the phantasy journey.

    30 minutes / 5 EUR per person
  • Zandunga®

    The word Zandunga® is derived from the Latin American word sandunga which means “party”. The name says it all because Zandunga® fitness is sheer fun! The secret of Zandunga® is that it can easily be imitated and joined in. Old and young, tall and small – everyone will get it right away because the steps accompanied by Latin American music are easily learned. This is why Zandunga® is a perfect addition to the course plan. The music is infectious, fun and motivational. The varying dance styles and simple step sequences will tempt you to join in.

    60 minutes / 1 course / 10 EUR (limited attendance)
  • Walking course

    Walking is an endurance sport where fast walking is supported by moving the arms in sync with your steps. Experience the Spree Forest – passing meadows, streams and channels – and enjoy an intensive sporting experience of nature.

    50 minutes / 7 EUR

“Our recommandation for the participants of the walking course”
  • 1 special massage for sportspeople
  • 1 exfoliation with salt in the saun

Using the sauna in our wellness lounge “Balance”
Enjoy a stay in our infrared sauna, steam sauna or dry sauna. We offer different kinds of “Aufguss” (pouring water on a hot stone with herbs, cucumbers or mint to increase the room’s humidity), so you can relax in our recreation room.


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