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"Love letters are shaped in a thousand flowers: how beautiful is Earth, when she wears Heaven!" -Friedrich Rückert-
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Massages and special treatments

None of our treatments replace medical or therapeutic services.
  • Massage of different parts of the body

    Wellness massage with warm nurturing oils in a relaxing atmosphere. You can choose between a massage of the head, neck, back, face, hands or feet

    30 minutes / 28 EUR / couples / 51 EUR
    With salt exfoliation / 31 EUR / couples / 57 EUR
  • Massage of the entire body

    Wellness massage of the entire body with warm aromatic oils of your choice. The salt exfoliation encourages your metabolism and makes your skin as soft as velvet.

    50 minutes / 49 EUR / couples / 93 EUR
    With salt exfoliation / 52 EUR / couples / 99 EUR
  • Breuss-style massage of the back

    This is a gentle massage of the spine. It can loosen physical blockades and supports the regeneration of the spinal discs. Warm or cold oil of St. John’s wort relaxes your muscles and lets dammed up energies flow.

    45 minutes / 46 EUR / couples / 85 EUR


Special treatments

"The physical and mental well-being is the responsibility of the people. His behavior determine its inner and outer harmony."
  • Indian Ayurveda head massage

    By stimulating the marma points, this special anti-stress massage relaxes the muscles of your shoulders, upper arms, neck, head and face.

    30 Minutes / 35 EUR
  • Indian Ayurveda massage (Classic)

    Ayurveda, the “knowledge of life”, is the world’s oldest art of healing. The important thing about an Ayurvedic massage are the warm oils and warm flagstone. The massage is gentle, soothing and relaxing.

    Partial body massage 30 minutes / 35 EUR    Entire body massage 60 minutes / 55 EUR
  • Zone therapy

    By intensively massaging the feet energy blockades are harmonised in the entiry body causing relaxation and wellbeing.

    Feet 35 minutes / 35 EUR    Entire body 55 minutes / 45 EUR
  • Reiki – Japanese art of healing by Dr. Mikao Usui

    In a soothing treatment, the massage therapist places their hands on your body’s chakras or afflicted body parts. Reiki is “universal vital energy” which stirs the self-healing powers, is warming, relaxing and supportive. A sensible technique for everybody. Part of the Relaxation Package.

    45 minutes / 39 EUR
  • Hot-Stone Massage

    Enjoy the soothing warmth of vulcanic stones on your skin. Balmy oils and intensive massages dissipate tensions and stimulate the blood flow.

    Partial body massage 30 minutes / 39 EUR    Entire body massage 60 minutes / 59 EUR
  • Ear candling

    While a special candle put in your ear slowly burns down, a feeling of lightness will fill your ears and paranasal sinus. The warmth and crackling sounds turn the treatment into a relaxing experience. The following zone therapy of the ears increases this effect.

    30 minutes / 29 EUR
    including facial massage / 50 minutes / 39 EUR
  • Hot and cold ice massage with warm oil and ice

    A special massage with accompanying vascular training. A massage with warm oil is followed by a gentle ice massage. If requested warmth can be restored through gentle effleurage in the end.

    Partial body massage 35 minutes / 40 EUR    Entire body massage 50 minutes / 55 EUR
  • Singing bowl massage

    Soothing vibrations caused by the singing bowls spread to your body. This way every cell is stimulated and an inside-massage takes place. The vibrations loosen physical and mental tensions and our self-healing powers are stimulated.

    45 minutes / 49 EUR
  • Brush Massage

    Natural hair brushes have a stimulating effect on the blood flow and circulation. This way, tensions and cramps are loosened, the massage has an effect on the entire organism as well as on particularly tense body parts and the blood pressure. The brush massage can be performed with or without additional gels or oils.

    40 minutes / 39 EUR
  • Cupping

    After applying oil, the cupping glass is put on your skin. Slow movements supply the skin with blood and tensions are loosened. We recommend this technique especially with painful tensions of the muscles in your shoulders, neck or lumbar region.

    about 25 minutes / 35 EUR

Special massages for sportspeople

The athletes massage is used for rapid recovery, allowing for more freedom of movement.
  • Massage for cyclists

    Your legs‘ small “power station” is particularly important to us. A special massage of your feet and legs provides perfect recreation after a bicycle tour through the Spree Forest. It is relaxing and prevents sore muscles.

    35 minutes / 39 EUR
  • Massage for canoeist

    A canoe ride through the Spree Forest is eventful and requires all muscles of the upper body.
    To prevent sore muscles, we recommend our massage for canoeist which relaxes mainly the muscles of your shoulders and neck.

    35 minutes / 39 EUR
  • Massage for hikers

    After your hike you deserve a break! We will pamper your legs and feet with a vitalising massage consisting of zone therapy and relaxation techniques. This way you will be ready for your next hike.

    35 minutes / 39 EUR

Sweet temptation...

"The world belongs to those who enjoy it."
  • Chocolate dream

    After a warm foot bath smelling of chocolate your back will be pampered with a sugar exfoliation. The following luxury chocolate massage of your entire body will make you enjoy your favourite scent in a completely new way.
    Enjoy chocolate without regret! The soft warm chocolate is gently massaged onto your body. A facial massage and a chocolate face masque will complete the sweet seduction. You can top your experience off with a cup of chocolate tea!

    90 minutes / 98 EUR
  • Hot Chocolate Massage

    You cannot get enough of chocolate? In this case it is time to discover a new side of the sweet happiness. During a Hot Chocolate Massage you are gently pampered with soft cocoa butter. You will melt away dreaming of chocolate – a pure delectation, not only for people with a sweet tooth!

    Partial body massage 30 minutes / 29 EUR / couples / 53 EUR
    Entire body massage 50 minutes / 49 EUR / couples / 93 EUR


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