Double room "Premium"
"Love is ever the beginning of knowledge as fire is of light." -Thomas Carlyle-
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„Welcome, dear guest, come in, let’s shake hands, and bring good luck!“
"Love letters are shaped in a thousand flowers: how beautiful is Earth, when she wears Heaven!" -Friedrich Rückert-
25./26. December
"Christmas lunch"

Restaurant "Konrad´s"

Take a perfect mixture from rustic ambience and modern design, a harmony of the “world of cuisine”, a surprising interpretation of typical local delicacies, and a kitchen’s philosophy that addresses all senses - and you’ll get the “Konrad’s”

To eat at the “Konrad’s” in the “Spree Balance” means an enjoyment for your eyes and tongue. All of the ingredients are always fresh. A special cyclist’s fitness menu will deliver new energy to our sportive guests. Also lactose free dishes are a must for the kitchen’s team.


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